For Decorators

You feel like you couldn’t be any busier.
Production, production and more production, it’s one job after another.

But after all the hard work, at the end of the day, your bank account doesn’t look very different. Where are all of the profits from all of your hard work? There isn’t enough time in the day to do any more. You can’t charge your customers more because your competitor could come in and steal the account.

How are you ever going to increase revenue?

Believe it or not there’s a simple solution. It will require minor changes in the way you currently do some of your business but you’ll soon see, like thousands of our decorator clients, why the increase in revenue could be substantial. It’s also going to help you to keep existing customers and also attract new ones. It’s going to be very easy on your part requiring hardly any time at all. It’s going to cost you very little and allow you to make a whole lot more… It’s called the AGP e-Solution and it is the key to converting some of your wholesale priced small margin bulk orders to larger margin retail purchases. Start making 200%, 300%, 400% or more on those same bulk orders you had been producing with marginal profit.

Here’s HOW you do it:


Offer to set up a FREE private Web Store for your customer’s group or organization that will take over unwanted burdens of having to collect paper order forms, collect payment and tallying orders.


Establish with the group’s administrator a window of time for accepting orders, identifying items to sell, pricing and revenue share of the items purchased within the group’s store.


Upon arrival of posted “Close Date”, close the online store (cease taking new orders), produce all of the orders and pay the negotiated share to group at end of the ordering period.


Re-open store again next season.

Here’s WHY you CAN do it:

AGP e-Solutions makes it all possible.

Now, for as low as only $29/month, you can launch an unlimited # of web stores that you can open and close and re-open for any customer. We designed our web stores for decorators specifically so you can easily open a new store for any group in just 15 minutes. No technical know-how is needed.

Since there are No Incremental Costs and there are No significant investments in time, you are able to open FREE stores for anyone and everyone without ever having to give it a second thought!

Here’s WHY you WANT to do it:

It’s A Big Win For You! MORE sales and significantly higher, retail size margins on every item dramatically increase revenue while still providing you with the ability to do production in bulk.

It’s A Big Win for the Group or Organization! Getting a FREE Web Store makes it super convenient for groups’ members to shop and it encourages more sales. Members can also pay by credit card, instead of having to write checks.

It’s A Big Win for the Group’s Administrator! Teachers, Coaches, PTA Moms or Parents no longer have the chore and unwanted responsibilities of collecting paper order forms, collecting payments and then tallying orders and instead can focus on promoting the store to the members so that more revenue can be generated for their program.

Contact AGP e-Solutions today and talk to an industry knowledgeable expert that can further discuss how our clients are transforming their business and are able to enjoy dramatically higher margins, increased sales, greater customer satisfaction, nd overall significantly higher revenues.

Why AGP e-Solutions?